our process

The current manual offline verification process lacks efficiency and creates serious issues for both partners involved in the process:

Issuing Authorities

University, colleges, licensing body, employers, other IA


Verification agencies, employers, alumni

  • Managing requests coming in from multiple communication channels that need to be responded to via the same channels.
  • Accounting for the payments against the verification fee which can be received via various payment methods.
  • Maintaining a real time updated audit trail for the verification - given most of the IAs follow a manual filing process for the requests received.
  • Additional and costly manpower to cover and maintain the manual offline process.
  • The multi-channel route results in a long drawn out process.
  • Challenges faced with the non-availability of verifications or officials due to extended vacation and public holidays.
  • Complicated and non-user friendly payment processes for settling the verification fee.

Our secure web platform DigiFlow overcomes the inefficiencies of the current offline process by providing online access to education and employment verification information, ensuring a verification either through:

Cross checking against the digital records of a university, college, licensing body, employer or others issuing autharity (Fully Automated Instant Verification).


By an issuing Authority officially logging into the platform and screening given documents (Auto-mated Verification with manual interface).

The benefits for Issuing Authorities and Requesters using the DigiFlow solution include:

Issuing Authorities

University, colleges, licensing body, employers, other IAs


Verification agencies, employers, alumni

EFFICIENCY - Significant time reduction to complete verifications.

ACCURACY - Removing the scope for human error through an automated process.

SECURITY - Multiple security touch-points before sign in to ensure genuine users only.

CONTROL - Audit trail and customizable dashboards for the Issuing Authority officials.

AUTHENTICITY - Robust, tamper-proof and credible verification reports with unique security features.

EXCELLENCE - Seamless user experience for the requester and partner IAs.

USER-FRIENDLY - Simple and intuitive user interface

CONVENIENCE Secure and easy online payment

SPEED- Fast turnaround time

AUTHENTICITY - Written verification with a double layer of security

READINESS - Verification available 24*7*365

CONTROL - Personalised dashboard access for stored verification reports and easy download.