about Us

DigiFlow a fully owned subsidiary of the DataFlow Group - is a secure web platform that provides online access to education, professional license and employment verification information.

24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year

We assist users (i.e.those requesting information) and Issuing Authorities (IAs) through a simple verification process that is fast and secure.

The DigiFlow online solution removes the inefficiencies that often occur via a manual offline process to deliver:

  • A streamlined solution that simplifies and minimizes internal processes and the workload related to education, professional license and employment verifications for all Issuing Authorities.
  • A safe platform for requesters (including verification agencies, employers and alumni) with an intuitive user interface to verify qualification, experience and health licence certificates within minutes through DigiFlow’s automated process.

The DigiFlow online verification process ensures:

Fast Turnaround Fast

Optimum Security

Guaranteed Authorization

Learn more about the benefits and the verification process here (Why DigiFlow)

The DataFlow Group is a leading global provider of risk management services (PSV, background screening and immigration compliance solutions). Headquartered in Dubai, the DataFlow Group utilizes cutting-edge technologies and leverages an expansive network of over 60,000 issuing authorities throughout more than 200 countries and territories to ensure that the professionals our clients hire have the qualifications they claim and mitigate any potential risk by exposing fraudulent education degrees, employment certificates, practice licenses, work permits and passports, in addition to other personal, academic and professional credentials.

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